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Keeping the Apple of Your Eye Safe

The mind of a child is like an open notebook where anything written stays with him for the rest of his life. The childhood period is considered by experts as one of the most critical periods in an individual life. Whatever he learns here and experience he gets, have a direct impact in molding his character for years to come. Therefore, it is the duty of parents and teachers to provide him with the best possible healthy surroundings full of love and security.

Identify the causes

Although every family tries to give a happy childhood to their child, yet millions of children around the globe children are living a life of abuse both mentally as well as physically. For understanding childhood violence and prevention efforts it is essential to know that the abuse of a child is not restricted to his home. A child can be abused in school, on the streets, playgrounds and even in the school. Therefore, it is important to identify the problem areas and then get the best strategy to make the place safe for the child.

If the abuse is happening in the home, then identify the source. It could be alcohol related or economic. If the problem is alcohol-related then social services should talk to the parents and tell them about the long-term effect their abusive behaviour will incur on child. It would be better if the parents are put through family therapy sessions to sort out any disputes they may have amongst themselves. On the other hand, if the cause of tension is economic, then it is wise to improve the overall financial security of the family by having an extra job if so required.

Mobilize the society for a change

Lawmakers should also chip in finding a solution to this enormous problem by passing laws to ban corporal punishments in school as well as in the house. The massive public campaign to educate people about child rights and the harmful effects of child abuse will go a long way in changing long held belief of disciplining children. NGOs dealing with the problem of children can also do their bit by visiting families who are expecting a child and giving tips on how to raise their children.

It is important that childhood violence prevention effort is treated as a collective enterprise of the society as a whole. Because, a child that grows up in an abusive environment is more likely to gravitate towards antisocial activities than the one that grows up in a happy family. Besides, abusive childhood also lead to problems of cognitive disorders that will make the child withdrawn and lacking in concentration. If not treated early, such a child will become a burden to the society. A healthy childhood is the birthright of every child and as a civilised society, it is incumbent on us to provide them with it so that they grow as fine upstanding individuals.

Post by violenceinchildhood (2016-12-07 10:04)

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5 Ways to Prevent Child Abuse

Life of a modern man is spotted with various problems, it may be a financial issue, bad relationship, addiction to alcohol or drugs. There is a big difference between expectation and achievement, which leads to anger and  frustration. Many people take out their negative feeling on their wives and children. No matter how harsh the situation is with some patience one can deal with it. Here are few ways through which we can prevent child abuse.


Set an example


Change starts with one person, you can inspire other by your behaviour and thinking. Treat your neighbour nicely, respecting your relatives and people will follow you .when children get into some mischief, let them realize that you despise what “they did”, not who they are. Don’t hit your children, make them understand things, they are not mature like you. Apologize when you're at fault.



Connect to your neighbour


In the modern world, people have less time to socialize with others. They may have thousands of friends on Facebook, but they don’t know about their next door neighbour. Pressure and tension are minimized when it is shared. So you can share your concerns with your neighbours and listen to their problems, in this way you can help each other. If everyone has good bond of relationship with their neighbour many social problems will be solved easily.


Talk and encourage every child you know


A child wants approval and encouragement from their parents, but, unfortunately, many people knowingly or unknowingly make their child feel inferior and worthless. It hurts them badly and sometimes the it remains with them for the life time. Children do mistakes, but stay positive and encourages them to do right things.


Take action


If you see any case of child abuse, take action. There are many things you can do first talk to the parents of the child, listen to their concern, tell them the side effects of child abuse, find a way out. If nothing works report the incident to the relevant authorities.




There are many NGOs and government agencies working for the welfare of children. They need volunteers for their programs and activities. You can join an NGO and dedicate a few hours a week and make a child smile.


Child abuse is a tough problem and we all have to come together to solve this issue. In many countries people are not aware of the child abuse issue and take it normally, a comprehensive awareness campaign can help people understand the side effect of child abuse.

Post by violenceinchildhood (2015-09-21 07:12)

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How to spot childhood violence?

Incidents of childhood violence are on the increase. It not only ruins the life of children but puts the society in danger. Children who are raised in an abusive environment develop many bad habits and qualities. They can not lead a healthy and peaceful life even after they grow up. The sorrowful memories of their childhood haunt them. It is very important to protest against the domestic violence and child abuse. But first, we need to know what is childhood violence.


4 Types Of Childhood Violence„Ö°  Mostly people take physical violence as child abuse. It is an obvious form of violence but neglect, emotional torture, and sexual abuse also come under child abuse. Many parents don’t beat their children but scold, humiliate and make them feel inferior at home and in social situations, it leaves a deep scar on the soft mind of the children and they suffer from low self esteem and an inferiority complex.




Signs of Child Abuse„Ö° With a little observation, you can easily spot the victims of child abuse. Symptoms of physical violence are easily visible in form of bruises, blood, torn clothes etc., but the other forms of child abuse remain a secret till the victim reveals it. Here are a few signs of child abuse.



  • They are sad, insecure and scared

  • Aggressive and antisocial behaviour

  • They perform poorly in academics

  • They have fewer friends

  • They lack confidence and self-esteem

  • Sleep disorder, anxiety, fear



You can find the incidents of childhood violence in your neighbourhood. You may hear noises of fighting, threats or abusive words. Don’t ignore it as a personal matter, report such incidents to the relevant authority and save a child. You can also talk to a child who you think is a victim and is hiding the truth. Initially, the child may refuse any such kind of incidents because of the shame and trauma that accompanies them, but if you reassure them and express sympathy, they may reveal the truth.


As they say a child is the future of a country and the future of the country is bright and safe when children are treated fairly. Violence of any kind be it physical or mental will only stop the growth of children. So it is our duty to provide good and encouraging environment to our children, and report the cases of child abuse if we find any.

Post by violenceinchildhood (2015-09-01 07:07)

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How Domestic Violence Affects Children

Millions of children across the globe face domestic violence which casts a negative effect on their mind and affects their future badly. Child abuse is a common problem in every country, yet there are limited measures to tackle this issue. It includes physical violence, emotional torture, neglect etc. As per studies, around 4 million children from age 3 to 17 are exposed to domestic violence each year.

It is not difficult to spot a victim child, people often witness cases of child abuse in their neighborhood, but they don’t interfere thinking it a personal matter. A physically abused child can be recognized by bruises, torn clothes, blood, etc. Children living  in such environment go through psychological trauma and deep mental agony. Children who witness domestic violence at home develop fear and anxiety. It affects their growth and behaviour. They don’t perform in studies and remain isolated. Effect of domestic violence on Children is long lasting, it remains deep in their mind.

Kids who grow up watching domestic violence are forced to keep the matter secret. They don't  talk about it unless someone takes them into confidence. These children may look fine to the outside world, yet they carry pain in their heart and mind. Feeling of inferiority, lack of confidence and self-blame are some of the common traits in such children.  They take themselves responsible  for the misuse thinking that if they had not done or said a specific thing, the misuse would not have happened.

Children of abusive home develop disrespect for their mothers for not being able to protect her and themselves. They experience various negative emotions such as fear, anger, guilt, embarrassment, etc. They absorb several wrong notions about relationships and the society. They become irritative, offensive and self-centered.

Long-term effect of domestic violence

Regardless of a child being abused are not, he undergoes emotional trauma when he looks his mother being beaten by the father. Kids lack the love and safety of the family as the mother herself is suffering and the father has a bad temperament. Family is the first school for children, a child learns from his home, he imitates his parents. Most social experts accept that kids who are brought up in an abusive homes discover that violence is a successful approach to deal with differences and issues and they also use the same tactics in their intimate relationships. An abusive child often gets into bad company and learns to smoke and drink. Many of them become antisocial and criminal.

To conclude, a child needs love and safety from his parents to grow in his life and become a good human being. Unfortunately, childhood violence sows the seed of evil in the mind of children and they also become abusive. We need to raise our voice against the domestic violence against child abuse to form a peaceful and crime-free society.

Post by violenceinchildhood (2015-08-04 04:50)

Tags: effect of domestic violence how Violence Affects Children childhood violence

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